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Somatic Sex and Relationship Coaching


Would you like to learn how to give and receive loving touch? Deepen intimacy with your partner? Create the freedom to enjoy your sexuality? 

We all have the capacity to connect intimately. With guidance and practice, you can find that connection and walk into your life with confidence, open and aware that pleasure and, dare I say, ecstasy is your birthright.

As a somatic intimacy coach, I am a safe, relational practice partner and a potential catalyst for your transformation. My goal is to introduce you to the joy of connection and guide you as  we work together experientially to help you transform all areas of your life from sexual connection and relationships to your personal and professional life so that your experience of life is richer and more rewarding.   75 minute session

Somatic sessions differ from talk sessions in that they are also experiential.  People work with a somatic sex and relationship coach for many reasons.  Some of those are:

  • Connect with desire

  • Move past abusive sexual history

  • Discover what you want from sex and/or relationship

  • Identify boundaries

  • Find your voice and use it

  • Gain sexual confidence

  • Empowered relationships

  • Practice initiating sex

Intentional Life Creation

Are you ready to optimize your life? Do you see yourself doing the same things over and over not feeling able to stop yourself? Do you wish you had more time and energy to make the changes you desire?

We'll utilize a highly structured system that enables you to see and understand yourself and your capabilities. From an empowered vantage point you can create  a life experience that is more aligned with your desires.  We teach very specific techniques and practices that lead to dramatic results in your life.

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Reestablish relationships

  • Experience more joy in life

  • Get clear on where you're going and how to get there

  • Feel more grounded

  • Be the version of yourself that feels most authentic





Professional Cuddle Therapy

Human connection is necessary for our well-being.  There are times when we may need more connection than others.  The kind of folks who might seek a cuddle sessions are:  Tired, busy, have a chronic medical condition, just had a breakup, moved to a new city, new parent, caretaker, enjoy the benefits that touch offers, want to relax.

Pretty much all of us!  60-120 minute sessions available

If you're curious and want to learn more, about the power of platonic touch, please check out the Cuddlist.Org website. 



            Pleasure As Medicine 

Have you ever experienced the power of pleasure generated by your own body? Have you experienced pleasure knowing that it is all for you?  This is a hands-on offering that is one way touch from me, the practitioner, to you, the client.


Allow pleasure to:

  • Energize you

  • Turn up your libido

  • Make you feel radiant

  • Integrate past trauma

  • Make you feel whole

  • Increase your connection to Self

 Each session is different because each one is informed by your intentions and what you're currently working on in your life.  These sessions incorporate hands-on, one directional touch and acknowledge your entire body. Pleasure as Medicine sessions are transformative, empowering, and healing.   90 minutes



What is a transforcation? It's what I call a transformative vacation or private retreat. Transforcations can be  scheduled throughout the year.  I host them here in Austin, TX or anywhere you in the world you would like to travel. These private transformative retreats are designed for individuals who are waking up and who are ready to move to the next level.  


You and I work together to create a space for you to experience yourself at a high level through daily tantric practices, nourishing food, and authentic connection. This is a passion project and candidates are carefully selected.  The first step is to reach out and have a conversation.

Contact me to inquire about scheduling, pricing, or with any questions.


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