Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching


Would you like to learn how to give and receive loving touch? Deepen intimacy with your partner? Create the freedom to enjoy your sexuality? 

We all have the capacity to connect intimately. With guidance, you can find that connection and walk into your life with confidence, open and aware that pleasure and well-being is your birthright.

As a somatic intimacy coach, I am a safe, relational practice partner and a potential catalyst for your transformation. My goal is to introduce you to the joy of connection and guide you as  we work together experientially to help you transform areas of your life ranging from sexual connection and relationships to your personal and professional life so that your life can be more satisfying.

People work with a somatic sex and relationship coach for many reasons.  Some of those are as follows:

  • Connecting with desire

  • Embodying Feminine Energy

  • Moving past abusive sexual history

  • Knowing what you want

  • Identifying Boundaries

  • The potency of erotic energy

  • Finding your voice and using it

  • Empowered relationships

  • The art of surrendering

  • Initiating sex

  • Developing a relationship with your body

$175 per 75 minute session

$500 package of 3 sessions ($166 each)

$1600 package of 10 sessions ($160 each)

Embodiment Therapy

Embodiment Therapy is a highly structured system that uses very specific techniques and practices rooted in neurobiology to allow you to create the life experience you desire.   Please refer to the our Embodiment Therapy site: for details on these sessions or to inquire. 

Schedule a free 15 minute phone    consultation with Anastasia. 

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