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Have you ever thought of being so present in your body that everything else falls away?  Have you ever thought that life could be  more than you've experienced?  Have you ever imagined.....that there could be more?


Let's create a space where you can begin exploring the transformative power of energy.  What I share with you is work I have experienced in my own life and, guess what? The destination is not the only exciting part - so is the journey! 


Zoetic means "vital, living" and that's what we all deserve.   The choice to live a vital, juicy life.  One full of passion, purpose, and intention. Once we make the decision to start down that path, there is often work to be done and this is where you and I will meet.  The body is intelligent and capable of restoring and renewing itself through breath, touch, and rest. 


 There are tools that are easily accessible that allow you to turn off the chatter in your head and experience life and intimacy as it's happening.   I know because I have experienced it myself.  Together, we'll utilize modalities that come from time-proven disciplines like yoga and tantra, and also from years of scientific study by pioneers in the fields of psychology and human sexuality.  Countless books are written on the topics of  enhancing sexuality.  However, if you were simply seeking an answer that could be found in a book, wouldn't you find it?  There is another very important piece, and that's the space to transform, to unfold into your full potential.  That's what we'll create together. A space where you can define your own intentions and desires.  A safe, transformative space for what you desire to blossom into reality.


  Every one of us has fear, gets tired, can feel disillusioned. But you're more than that aren't you?  You're longing to be seen for the complex, multi-faceted being that you are.   Do you know what I see when I look at you?  Perfection. You're beautiful and perfect exactly as you are.  We can only be where we are on this journey. I will meet you there.  



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who I am

Anastasia Allington

Why am I the one to walk with you?  I'm warm, compassionate, and down to earth. My joy in connecting with other people intimately is genuine. In addition to traditional schooling, I am a certified yoga teacher through the Living Yoga program and a certified Reiki practitioner. I am also an experienced Dakini who had the honor of operating a tantra temple here in Austin, TX. I am a certified surrogate partner through the Institute for Mind Body Therapy, and received my certification for somatic sex and intimacy coaching from the Somatica Institute based in San Francisco, CA.  I am a supportive long-time member of the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance. 


  I feel  blessed to share what I've learned through my lifetime about breath, body, mind, movement, soul, ego, vulnerability and power. My intention is to guide you to the place where there is no goal or agenda, simply being present in the moment.


You'll walk into my space and be greeted warmly. Perhaps you'll smell the scent of sage in the air and say yes to a cup of tea. We'll sit and talk for a few minutes and you'll see quickly that I am authentically interested in you and whatever you are working towards.


I am experienced with and truly enjoy working with men, women, and couples of any sexual orientation and gender expression. My space is located in my home studio in the hills of Westlake with easy access from both Mopac and 360 


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